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Between Systems: In Practice

The Migration: Arts Residency

17 - 28 January 2024

an exhibition featuring digital artworks by artists Kumari Nahappan, Valerie Ng, and Jeannie Ho.

Opening 17 Jan. Wed 5pm
UltraSuperNew Gallery
168 Tyrwhitt Road, S 207572

The exhibition is a culmination of explorations during The Migration: Arts Residency organised by SERIAL CO_ .

Between Systems: In Practice
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The Migration: Arts Residency

A mini weather eco system generated where ~ “Aero Forms" float in a landscape of “Aero Flows“ within. Dynamic shapes on a plane like intensified air building up.

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  • Aero Forms

    Aero Forms, Pink Green on Tan, 2024 | p5.js gif

    Aero Forms

    Aero Forms, Green on Tan, 2024 | p5.js gif

    Airy organic forms bubble up in this semi-random composition of dynamically generated vertices. Creating a mini eco system of abstraction and fluidity of natural elements.

    Aero Forms, Blush to Dark

    Aero Forms, Blush to Dark, 2024 | p5.js gif

    Aero Forms, Dark Blue

    Aero Forms, Dark Blue, 2024 | p5.js gif

    Part of the Aero series of drifting shapes in an exploration of nature, digital form and colour in motion.

    Aero Leaves

    Aero Leaves, 2024 | p5.js gif

    Aero Forms

    Aero Forms, Blues, 2024 | p5.js gif

    In this digital landscape, an array of floating shapes drifts serenely, each uniquely generated and responsive to its environment. These forms elegantly react and disperse in response to movements captured by a webcam, illustrating the principles of chaos theory, where minor changes can have significant impacts. As the viewer moves, these shapes subtly shift directions, creating a dynamic interplay between human motion and digital response. This interaction highlights the delicate balance of cause and effect, bringing to life a virtual space where every movement translates into a gentle, yet profound, alteration in the trajectory of each drifting form.

    Aero Flows Lite

    Aero Flows Lite, 2024

    Projection Mapping > Between Systems exhibition @ultrasupernew

    Aero Flows Dark, Projection on Paper Mache, 2024

    For the full experience visit the installation set within a projection space in the gallery.

    Part of the Aero series of drifting shapes in an exploration of nature, digital form and colour in motion.

    Aero Projection Waves / Rocks

    Aero Projection, Waves / Rocks, 2024 | p5.js

    Aero Projection Pattern / Evolve

    Aero Projection, Pattern / Evolve , 2024 | p5.js