Selected Paintings and Commissioned Works
Private and Corporate Collections

Unearthed, Corporate Collection, New York, USA

Field Trails
Field Trails, Condominium Lobby, Singapore

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art folio : Valerie Ng

  Air Blooms
Air Blooms, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 59x61"

Air Blooms
Air Blooms, Hotel Lift Landing, Singapore

  Harmony with Nature
Harmony with Nature, Office Lobby, Singapore (6* 80x200cm)

Blue Brown Streaks
Blue Brown Streaks, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 43x59"

  Geo Waves
Geo Waves, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 48x24"

Corn Fields
Corn Fields Diptych, 2011 | Oil on Canvas | 2* 47.2x78.7" (120x200cm)

  Equarius Hotel Lobby 1
Corn Fields Diptych

Equarius Hotel Lobby 2
Hotel Lift Lobby, Sentosa

  Shifting Planes II
Shifting Planes II, 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 90.5x47.2" (230x120cm)

Redwood II
Redwood II, 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 98.4x70.8" (250x180cm)

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