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1 Nov = 31 Dec 2020  

Take a virtual walk along the interactive map with objects, inspired by organic forms and textures which are transformed via AR for an enhanced digital experience.

1. Install the Artivive App for an Augmented Reality experience

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2. Click on the objects on the map to zoom in.

3. View the artwork onscreen from your phone or tablet via Artivive App

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An online art trail where you can discover and view crafted artefacts along the way. Watch them transform into augmented reality digital artworks, inspired by organic forms and textures.

Explore the crafted artefacts by clicking on them to zoom in. Then observe each object come to life from your mobile via your handy

In lieu of travel, there are mindful escapes into art, nature, the imagination, music and books.

Sources of inspiration I've mapped together here.

Feel free to randomly wander, there is no set path.

Rocky Trail Memories of mountains like the Dolomites & a swallow drawing from Arraiolos

A Recommended book : On Trails, Robert Moor

Split Stone A shard of stone with contrasting shades caused by the erosion of surfaces. Crevices, fills and lines carved and weathered by the natural elements

A recommended book : How to Disappear, Akiko Busch

Leaf Shell Light reflects and the fleeting landscape moves past, capturing moments before they disappear.

For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human; himself nature; part of nature within natural space.
~ Paul Klee

Cloud Fragment Shifting cloud formations drift and float across the surface of this blue and white panel. The sky, endless compositions on the biggest canvas.

Green Curve A meandering white water source flows within, keeping nature in balance.

A recommended book :
To The River, Olivia Laing

Bark Donut A space within expands and resonates from a piece of wood as contours line the surface. Like the rings on its trunk, marking time.

Bark Fragment Trees shed their bark forming patterns and inner layers of subtle hues, natures’ evolving jigsaw.

A recommended book : The Overstory, Richard Powers

Green Pocket On pockets of nature, quiet making time, spirals and regeneration.

Check out video -
On Handwork, Renate Hiller
& book :
Making a Life, Melanie Falick

Plume Handmade paper mulberry bark fibres, recycled paper pulp, thread and glue bind this tree like plume. How can we stop forests from going up in flames ?

Relic Barnacles cover the surface of this broken ruin, explore its facades and discover a pool of water

Be still like a mountain and flow like a river.
Even a 1,000 mile journey starts with a single step.
~ Lao Tzu

About ARtefact Discovery Trail

An online art trail where you can discover and view crafted artefacts along the way and watch them transform into augmented reality digital artworks, inspired by organic forms and textures.

Explore the crafted artefacts above by clicking on them to zoom in. Then observe each object come to life from your mobile via the Artivive App

The idea for this project came about from past months of being cooped up indoors, looking at photos from previous treks, as well as playing with new technologies. Though I most enjoy time spent offline, painting and making things by hand, am constantly exploring ways to extend my practice.

Thus the resulting arefacts are a combination of interests from both the handmade and digital realms. As a way to make sustainable art from scrap materials which can virtually be re-used infinitely...

Cloud Fragment Artefact on Wall via the Artivive App

If you are unable to download the Artivive App please click here to watch the Animation Videos

List of Papier Mache AR artworks

Artefacts Display Video

Walkthrough of AR elements on objects as viewed from phone via the ARTivive app

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Paper Paint Program

The crafted objects are created mostly from recycled paper and shaped like bits of tree bark, stone or fragments of a landscape view like of mountains or the sky. Rough surfaces added using blended fibers are then painted with earthy hues.

Drawings are done of micro observations and abstractions from nature and beyond. Marks spark and expand, lines meander and colours flow over embedded images.

The animated overlays are imbued with a sense of adventure and atmospheric sounds where the elements form, shapes merge and grow or insights into the creative process are revealed.

Artists and writers have long been inspired by nature in myriad ways enscapsulating these thoughts into words and artworks. So I've linked a few related books.

A spiral of; trees into paper, remade as art - about bark textures, on a screen, off the surface
This spiral lies at that very point where inanimate matter is transformed into life. ~ Hundertwasser

Collect an Artefact

Fancy collecting any of the objects above?
Most of the objects* AR elements can be seen in a real world setting as well

Please let me know which item you are interested in.

Artefact Cartes

If you'd like a personalised digital AR artwork card...

Choose from 5 designs which you can personalise with a message. I will then send you the image with the linked AR element.

Request a digital artwork by image or print to keep or even send to a friend.

Discoveries Subscription

If you'd like a surprise digital art piece every month for half a year. I'm offering AR artwork subscriptions where you can get a new update every month. I will post you a handmade base painting which you can hang on your wall.

The augmented reality portion will be updated via Artivive so when you re-scan the object every month you will discover a different artwork! find out more

Relic Approach Video

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Archive December 2020

Other Workshops

Abstract art, recycled papermaking, papier mache, creative mapmaking, bookbinding, mixed media painting with acrylics or digital art.

If you'd like to find out more drop me a note.

Process Notes:

Papier mache is a process of layering torn and pulped papers with glue and water to form solid shapes. Then primed and painted with acrylic paints and varnished.
The photographed objects with digital layers are created in Procreate or Adobe Fresco, drawing with an Apple Pencil on an iPad or edited and animated in Photoshop. Learn some of these skills online @ Skillshare
They are then uploaded to the Artivive website which does its magic to #bringArtToLife via Augmented Reality.

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