NOV - DEC 2020

Artefact AR Discovery Trail

An online art trail where you can discover and view crafted artefacts along the way. Watch them transform into augmented reality digital artworks, inspired by organic forms and textures.

Take a virtual walk along an interactive map to find images of curious objects which come to life via AR for an enhanced digital experience. The extended animated drawings depict micro observations and abstractions from nature and beyond. Marks spark and expand, organic textures merge and grow or insights to the creative process are revealed.

The idea came about from the past months of being indoors, looking at photos from previous treks, as well as playing with new technologies. The actual objects are created mostly from recycled paper to make sustainable art and reuse materials. A combination of interests from both the handmade and digital realms.

For an enhanced AR experience please download the Artivive ^ app on your mobile and point it to the images on another device / computer screen. If the objects catch your fancy you may collect the physical artworks, customise a digital version or request a print.

The adventure begins November 2020 online here @

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National Arts Council Singapore

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