Moving Textures a Solo Exhibition by Valerie Ng.

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© Valerie Ng. 2005

Wetterling Teo Gallery presents Moving Textures, a solo exhibition by Valerie Ng.

Textures are created when surfaces are given an added dimension; one that comes with various underlying layers, giving an object form and richness. The multiplicities of life itself can never be defined in a single superficial surface and it is the texture that could offer one insights into the essence of the life. Just as life is never stagnant as it progresses or regresses along its journey, there is no permanence to textures as they evolve with growth in the form, shapes and patterns or they could be eroded when the same variables go through a negation. Hence, moving textures. This collection of works aims to establish a metaphorical relationship between what the artist has created as unique, evolving textures, and the intricacies of life.

Some of the paintings featured bring the viewer back to the very core of life’s basics - nature. ‘Earth Triptych’ connotes the beginning of life’s journey from nature with its reference to Ground – from which all things originate; Earth – on which we walk in our journey; Sky – upon which the complexities and possibilities of life are reflected. Other works which are created with a geometric or patterned style, focus on the phases of life with the segmented shapes and flows, each inter-weaving another that suggests an intrinsic cause-and-effect connection.

Vicki Ang