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Digital Strata

Probably Nothing,
instinc, Singapore
a physical exhibition of digital works . An exploration of NFTs by 7 contemporary artists
29 Apr - 1 May 22

Link to NFTs on Opensea.

View video animations here

A collection of geographical strata digital paintings. Drawing from nature and a buildup of layers of colour and texture these artworks form an elemental movement of earth and water through time and space. With the additional layer of generative processing to reveal the digital drawings.

Digital Strata Blue Waves Digital Painting
Digital Strata Pixelized Blue Waves

Digital Strata LightGreen Digital Painting
Digital Strata Fire Strata

A pixelized extension of oil on canvas artworks in an abstract expressionist style. They are created as a result of explorations in colour, light, depth, form and texture. Seeking a quiet balance with a sense of mood and movement on the surface, through a unique transfer of energy in the action of painting.

Digital Strata Dark Mauve Digital Painting
Digital Strata Beige

Digital Strata Blue