UNDP Recycled Paper Workshop
Recycled Paper + Scrapbooking Workshop

United Nations Development Project, Sarawak, MY

From 2-5 October 2007, UNDP in collaboration with the Sarawak Rivers Board and the National Resources and Environment Board (NREB) organized an education and awareness programme focusing on river cleanliness for urban and rural communities who live by the rivers in Sarawak.

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Into The Fold Flyer
Students from another long house arriving for talk

Drying the sheets

art folio : Valerie Ng

A book was also published

Reflections from Sarawak's Rivers
(the workshop was 1 of the activities)
Recycled Paper Scrapbooks made

Paper Making

Read about Borneo forests
by WWF
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No more nice trees, river bank's destroyed by logging

Nice rainforest trees

River, Kampung and Jungle

Jungle destroyed and replanted for commercial use

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