Terra Incognita
Terra Incognita
Solo Exhibition
6 - 21 Jun 2014

Maya Gallery

Terra Incognita
- Visual Journeys to Unknown Lands

explores the theme of getting lost, and the discoveries during journeys, both internal and external, to unknown lands. Each painting is an encounter with nature where you can experience a multitude of possibilities with your imagination as the only horizon.

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Summer Clouds
Summer Clouds, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 59x59"

Beyond The Waves
Beyond The Waves, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 71x71"

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art folio : Valerie Ng

With the support of:
National Arts Council of Singapore

  The Long Journey
The Long Journey, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 71x20"

Unearthed, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 79x55" sold

  Helios Lake
Helios Lake, 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 60x48"

Hylo Forms
Hylo Forms, 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 48x48"

  Air Bark
Air Bark, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 12x35"

Astray, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 39x55" sold

Adrift, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 48x36"

Air Atlas
Air Atlas 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 16x48"

  Hylo Flows
Hylo Flows, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 30x40"

Hylo Lakes
Hylo Lakes, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 36x36"

  Geo Strata
Geo Strata, 2014 | Oil on Canvas | 48x24" sold

Endless Waves
Endless Waves, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 48x24"

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