Multi-Level Painting
Summer Course

June 2-15, 2013

Ox Bow School of Art
Michigan, USA
Affiliated with the School of the
Art Institute of Chicago

A course that includes extensive experimentation with materials and techniques through individual painting problems.

Bark Elements, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 46 x 61 cm

Wind Forms
Wind Forms, 2013 | Oil on Canvas Panel | 51 x 41 cm
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art folio : Valerie Ng

With the support of:
National Arts Council of Singapore

Blue Fronds, 2013 | Oil on Canvas Panel | 51 x 41 cm unavailable

Across the Water, 2013 | Oil on Canvas | 46 x 61 cm sold charity auction

Other Colour and Form Studies on Paper (abstraction from observation/nature/landscape)

Blue Forms on Pink            

Photos of the Ox-Bow campus, studios and surrounding nature

Ox Bow   Ox Bow   Ox Bow Inn  
Painting Studio Inside   Ox Bow   Painting Studio Building  
Ox Bow   Ox Bow    
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