Random Starts
The Art Loft
10 Jan - 04 Feb 08

In this group exhibition at The Art Loft, local artists Valerie Ng, Wyn-Lyn Tan & Yeo Shih Yun showcase abstract paintings that are inspired by first brushstrokes. Held at the beginning of the year, Random Starts is also symbolic of new works and new beginnings of a New Year.

Fireside, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 200x100cm sold later

Bristle | Oil on Canvas | 61x91 cm

art folio : Valerie Ng

The Art Loft
(above the Volvo Car Showroom)
SM Motors Pte Ltd
249 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159935

Gallery hours :
Mon - Fri 8.30am - 7pm,
Sat 8.30am - 6pm
Sun 10am - 6pm

Earthside, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 200x100cm sold later

Coast, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 91x61 cm

Squall | Oil on Canvas | 91x61 cm

Restless Blues 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 91.5 x 71 cm

Moss, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 81x100cm sold later

Corn, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 81x100cm

DarkWood (diptych) | Oil on Canvas | 2x 60x180cm sold

The Art Loft

Blue Streak, 2006 | Oil on Canvas | 140x80 cm

Red Streak, 2006 | Oil on Canvas | 140x80 cm

About the Exhibition
Random Starts

While the three artists' works are ultimately different in styles, what ties them together is their working method in starting a painting. Each begins with a completely spontaneous and random brushstroke, with no preconceived plan of what is to come next.

For instance, Valerie Ng, whose works are characterized by thick oil strokes, starts with a palette knife to mark her first stroke. Wyn-Lyn Tan, whose acrylic paintings are at once lyrical and strong, begins each painting with a wash of black strokes. Yeo Shih Yun's minimalist works plays on space and is often defined by the first bold ink stroke.

This first mark on the canvas or paper provides each artist with a visual 'lead' on which to work on. From there, each artist is propelled by a mix of spontaneous energy, instinct and intuition that carries through till the painting feels complete.

In this exhibition, the works will comprise of abstract paintings in oils, acrylic and ink on canvas and paper and will be of varying sizes.
You are cordially invited to our opening on 10th Jan, Thurs at 630pm at The Art Loft (Volvo Showroom - SM Motors)
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