28 July – 24 Aug 2007
Que Pasa, 7 Emerald Hill Rd, Singapore

Drawing inspiration from the charm of the Que Pasa décor, from the façade of peeling paint to the collection of objects that adorn the walls, Valerie Ng forms the basis of her latest series of works.

This veneer or overlaying of materials shape the character and sets the pervading mood. Likewise with her technique of building up layers of tonal or contrasting colours which are used to create a surface with depth and texture, movement and light. The paintings and assemblage pieces work together to blend into yet enhance the surroundings.

Photos of Opening, Sat 28 July
Link to View Que Pasa Art
Indulgence featuring Valerie [Jul 07] (scroll down)

art folio : Valerie Ng

(Click on image for larger size)
Mist, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 61x61cm sold later

Concrete, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 61x61cm sold later

Rust, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 61x61cm

Aqua, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 61x61cm

Chilli Day, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 76x76cm sold later

Brue Monday, 2007 | Oil on Canvas | 76x76cm

Rolls, 2007 | Mixed Media Assemblage | 52.5x52.5 cm out

Torres, 2007| Mixed Media Assemblage | 25.5x52.5 cm

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