21 March – 11 April 2007

Pitch Black
Haji Lane,

In “Reconstructions”, Valerie Ng creates an installation of mixed media relief pieces packed along the walls of the Pitch Black gallery.

Taking this opportunity to ‘reconstruct’ her hoard of discarded objects and packaging into different forms, she creates an installation of work with a certain density and raw edges. The unfinished emphasis is placed on the objects itself, immersing in the process and materials involved in making it, rather than a particular subject matter.


Link to Reconstructions Blog for pictures

The collection of cardboard based assemblies build on a play between layers of structure and spontaneity, using paper and paint to create a dynamic energy linking the fragments.

Relying on internal intuition to order and compose elements, these mixed media relief’s can be seen to extend the artist’s interest with the tactile surface, and the relationship between chaos and balance previously explored in her oil paintings.

The resulting assemblages are like complex maximalist collages, shaped by the use of ordinary material and scraps as viable artistic material. These reconstructions challenge the viewer to see the objects differently and be open to further exploration.

This installation is put together to suit the eclectic environment of the surrounding area and the industrial theme of Pitch Black.

art folio : Valerie Ng

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