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Paper Net, TrashSure

Reconnecting to Nature

Trash Sure Finalist Exhibition

March 9th to 12th at Gardens by the Bay, Cannonball Room

Art of Trash Competition

Join us in celebrating the Art of Trash and immerse yourself in the outstanding artwork of our Finalists and Winners.

The Exhibition of Finalists will showcase exceptional artwork that demonstrates the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

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Reconnecting Nature Paper Net Front
Reconnecting Nature Paper Net | 110 x 100 x 20 cm
| Recycled Paper Wall Hanging

The double sided paper hanging is made of recycled and handmade paper with string in between layers to form a net connection of panes.

Reconnecting Nature Paper Net Back
Recycled Paper Panels Back View

Waste paper like old envelopes are blended and laid into sheets that consist of paper pulp, pasted with trapped leaves, or collaged scraps collected off cuts from past projects.

In one of the panels, the forms of sea shells are embedded reflecting the connections to nature and marks left behind, reminders of an increasing fragile environment.

Yet together they have been reformed into an artwork as a way of looking through the detritus that keeps piling up and can also reimagined as a barrier to protecting the environment and thinking of ways to preserve, recover and reconnect to a more natural state.

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Notes on eco-art

Side Detail Paper Net

Side Detail

Detail Embedded Shell Impression Paper Net

Detail Embedded Shell Impression

Stage Artwork by Bordalo

Stage Artwork by Bordalo

Paper Net Display

Paper Net Display at Gardens by the Bay

Art of Trash exhibition

Art of Trash exhibition Cannonball Room

Press Play for Short video of Exhibition

Art of Trash exhibition

Art of Trash Prizegiving