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Recent Artworks

Abstract Paintings

Paintings that are inspired by nature. Reflecting on the flow of time, growth, the sea and environment.

First few paintings after moving into my new art studio @ Goodman Arts Centre

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands, 2021 | 120 x158 cm | Oil on Canvas | Valerie Ng

Abstract Yellow Brown Textures Shifting Sands Detail 2
Shifting Sands Oil Painting Detail 1

Yellow with Earthy Browns, Blue and Beige Oil Painting Texture Details

Rewilding Blues

Rewilding Blues, 2021 | 158 x 122 cm | Oil on Canvas

Abstract Blue Brown Textures Rewilding Blues Detail 2 Rewilding Blues Oil Painting Detail 1

Blue flow and yellow green brown Abstract Marks and Strokes Details

Flow freely

Flow freely, 2021 | ~190 x 80 cm | Acrylic on Papier Mache

Abstract Blue Flow freely Detail 1 Blue white brown Flow freely Detail 2

Blue and white drips and streaks with thread Details

Curves and Edges on Beige
Curves and Edges on Beige, 2021 | 76x100 cm | Oil on Canvas
Curves and Edges on Beige Detail 1   Curves and Edges on Beige Detail 2
Curves and Edges on Beige Details