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Recent Artworks

Abstract Paintings

Paintings that are inspired by nature. Reflecting on the flow of time, growth, the sea and environment.

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands, 2021 | 120 x158 cm | Oil on Canvas | Valerie Ng

Abstract Yellow Brown Textures Shifting Sands Detail 2
Shifting Sands Oil Painting Detail 1

Yellow with Earthy Browns, Blue and Beige Oil Painting Texture Details

Rewilding Blues

Rewilding Blues, 2021 | 158 x 122 cm | Oil on Canvas

Abstract Blue Brown Textures Rewilding Blues Detail 2 Rewilding Blues Oil Painting Detail 1

Blue flow and yellow green brown Abstract Marks and Strokes Details

Flow freely

Flow freely, 2021 | ~190 x 80 cm | Acrylic on Papier Mache

Abstract Blue Flow freely Detail 1 Blue white brown Flow freely Detail 2

Blue and white drips and streaks with thread Details