Rustic Paper Art Exhibition
12 March 2004 - 12 April 2004

Papier Mache Art & Objects inspired by Indonesian Style, Tribal & Folk Art

Papier Pte Ltd.
formerly at the Esplanade Mall, Singapore


Paper Mache Plates - Fish, soldLeaf

art folio : Valerie Ng

A paper art exhibition held in conjuction with the Indonesian Odyssey , "I La Galigo" performance at the Esplanade.

It features Indonesian-inspired, papier mache objects & artwork, handmade paper objects as well as wall hangings, bowls, plates and paintings in a tribal and folk art style.


Driftwood II, 2004 | Acrylic on Paper Mache | 3X ~ 38 X 127 cm

Forest / Blue Panel | Oil on Paper Machier Panel |

Tribal / Brown String Panel | Oil on Paper Machier Panel |

'Tribal' masks - brown | green | red | blue | yellow

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