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Collaborative Marks
Collaborative Marks Valerie Ng & Julie Andrews
2016 | Artist Book | 14 x 14 cm | Launch Album

art folio : Valerie Ng

Mountain Sketches, Artist Book, 2014

Canvas Book Red Fabric Book Screen Fabric Book
Canvas/Textile/Fabric Books > more details

art folio : Valerie Ng

  Iceland BooksIceland Books
Iceland Elements Artists' Books 2010. > more details

  Wood Book
Wood Book I, 2013 | Acrylic/Pencil on Paper
Wood Book Two WB2 Page 1 EB2 Back
Wood Book II, 2012 | Acrylic/Pencil on Paper sold
Lake Book
> View Cache Mache Series
Marks Unseen > View Photo Book
A collection of digital photo collages combining drawing and marks
inspired by the natural environment.
Hidden Surfaces. > View Accordian Photo Book.
Freeze Frames and Quiet Barks

Forming Space | 40x10x2 cm | Artist Book | Valerie Ng, 2011
Materials: White Canvas Paper, Handmade Coloured Paper & Glue.
Tokyo Book Art Week, 2011 > more details

Plan O, Opus - Artisan Books 2011, AU

Sketchbook Project 2011, US

No direction - Atlas | 19x19x7 cm | 2010
Recycled Papier Mache, Acrylic Paint,
Drawing, Handmade paper and Jut String

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Red/Read Pothi, Artisan Books, Melbourne, 2006

Rhodia No. 12, Books Actually, SG, 2006

Treefold, VNG 2008
H_1.5cm W_4.5cm D_23.5cm
Handmade Paper (Cotton with Jute), Jute string

Lingo Text/TXT
Lingo - Text/TXT, Artisan Books, Melbourne, 2007

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